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FGI is your premier partner for delivering top-tier civil construction solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of infrastructure projects. With our extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology, and unwavering commitment to quality, we stand ready to transform your vision into reality with a complete rage of Civil Construction services, including:

  • Road formation
  • Road construction
  • Road resurfacing
  • Road Stabilisation
  • Shoulder maintenance and repair
  • Drainage
  • Vee, table and cut off drains
  • Waterways with rock armouring
  • Spillways
  • Floodway culverts
  • Storm water drainage
  • Dam and weir construction
  • Water main installations
  • Sewer infrastructure
  • Detail excavations
  • Service install
  • Retaining walls
  • Major concrete works
  • General services such as gas, water, sewer, storm water

Road Construction and Maintenance:

Road Formation: Our skilled team excels in road formation, preparing the groundwork for durable and reliable road infrastructure.

Road Construction: From highways to local roads, we specialise in constructing roads that withstand the test of time, utilising industry-best practices and materials.

Road Resurfacing: Enhance the lifespan and performance of existing roads with our expert resurfacing services, ensuring smooth and safe travel for motorists.

Road Stabilisation: Utilising advanced techniques and materials, we stabilise road surfaces to withstand heavy traffic loads and environmental factors.

Shoulder Maintenance and Repair: Keep roads safe and accessible with our shoulder maintenance and repair solutions, addressing erosion, potholes, and other issues promptly.

Drainage Systems:

Vee, Table, and Cut-Off Drains: We design and install effective drainage systems, including vee, table, and cut-off drains, to manage surface water and prevent erosion.

Waterways with Rock Armouring: Protect waterways from erosion and sedimentation with our rock armouring solutions, ensuring long-term  stability and environmental integrity.

Spillways and Floodway Culverts: Safeguard against flooding with our expertly designed spillways and floodway culverts, engineered for maximum efficiency and resilience.

Stormwater Drainage: Mitigate the risk of water damage and erosion with our comprehensive stormwater drainage systems, tailored to the unique needs of your project.

Water Infrastructure:

Dam and Weir Construction: Construct reliable dams and weirs for water management and conservation purposes, utilising innovative engineering techniques and materials.

Water Main Installations: Ensure reliable access to clean water with our water main installation services, delivering efficient and sustainable water distribution systems.

Sewer Infrastructure: From sewer lines to wastewater treatment facilities, we design and build robust sewer infrastructure to support community health and environmental sustainability.

Detail Excavations and Service Installations:

Detail Excavations: Precision is key in detail excavations, and our skilled team ensures accuracy and efficiency in every project phase.

Service Installations: We specialise in installing essential services such as gas, water, sewer, and storm water infrastructure, adhering to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Retaining Walls and Major Concrete Works:

Retaining Walls: Create stable and visually appealing landscapes with our custom-designed retaining walls, engineered to withstand soil pressure and erosion.

Major Concrete Works: From foundations to structural elements, we excel in delivering high-quality concrete works for a wide range of civil construction projects.