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FGI Agriculture

FGI Agriculture (FGI Ag) is an established cotton, livestock and grain enterprise with properties in NSW and QLD. FGI Ag is now pursuing opportunities in the NT with its ideal water and growing conditions for agricultural opportunities.

FGI Ag can offer a full agricultural property management service as detailed below or individual services such as:

  • Water mitigation and drainage
  • Telemetry
  • Farm storages
  • Flood irrigation design
  • Laser levelling
  • Pump stations and infrastructure
  • Crop Rotation

Agricultural Property Management

FGI Ag can provide a full agricultural property management service to take the stress out of your investment, whether it be a live stock or cereal/fibre crop property.

FGI Ag follows strict water quality and environmental protection measures including water mitigation best practices, whereby zero irrigation water leaves the property, with infrastructure and pumps to recycle any and all water for optimal efficiency and usage. In addition, crop rotation, cell grazing, the use of natural insecticides and the keeping of predatorial insects, support proactive land management practices.

FGI Ag stud herd development helps prevent the loss of stock from viruses, bacteria and parasites. By evaluating and maximising immunity, along with developing a farm management plan, we mitigate the risk of introduction, contact and spread within the herd.

FGI Ag has an in-house management team, along with the ability to engage additional consultants where required in order to meet your needs. Station planning and infrastructure can also be achieved in-house by the FGI team of designers and the construction component of the FGI group of companies. Whether its station improvements or updating infrastructure, the FGI team of well trained managers can accommodate any task required.

The FGI Agriculture Management Team

The Management Team of FGI Ag is responsible for overseeing all station management decisions and financial requirements, including correspondence with all stakeholders.

They are qualified and hold many accreditations throughout the agricultural and civil construction industries currently managing agricultural and engineering projects with a value up to $100 Million.
This ranges from small to large scale farming improvements and animal husbandry experience supervising major projects of over 50 staff. The Team has extensive station management experience with livestock, grain, legumes and cotton.

Their experience coupled with engineering and science qualifications, has positioned FGI Ag well, covering all aspects of livestock and crop production, station budgeting, costings, and programs. In addition to this the team includes:

Complete a full agronomy feasibility study and provide ongoing advice including:

  • climatic and soil variables
  • crop husbandry and mixed-rotation plans
  • rainfall, water availability and mitigation requirements
  • close commercial and workforce hubs
  • land occupation
  • mapping farm master plan (location of fields, access roads and stock pathways, production & storage facilities).

Livestock Specialists
Complete a full stock feasibility study and provide ongoing advice including:

  • identification of any management needs including nutrition challenges in beef & lamb production systems
  • identify consistent, high quality beef & lamb with superior taste
  • enhance value of stock
  • conduct feedlot data reviews
  • make farm and feedlot visits, license new feedlots
  • carcass data evaluations with producers
  • low stress stock handing methods
  • drenching, vaccinating and scheduled programs
  • breeding optimisation with maximum yield.

Financial Advisors & Accountants

  • business plan and financials modelling (CapEx/OpEx requirements, realistic expected income, return on investment and cash flow).

Contract Lawyers

  • execution of legal documentation and contractual agreements
  • provision of company organisational/structural chart
  • employee or subcontractor litigation.

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
We partner with an RTO to provide in house training for:

  • plant operation
  • chemical awareness and safe handling
  • 4WD & off road vehicle training